Taste the true Italy in Jeseniky

Visit our restaurant Istria in Velké Losiny and taste delicious meals made of fresh ingredients and according to true Italian recipes. Not only hotel guests, but also all passing around are welcome. Open is everday!


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Health resort in Velké Losiny

The health resort in Velké Losiny, near the castle on a meadow next to the main road, offers sports and cultural activities. You can play ball games here, but also improve your physics on several open-air machines. Children will be at the jungle or in the children's corner.


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Velkolosinské pralinky

Velké Losiny are not just a castle, a spa or a renowned hand-made paper mill. People stop here in a unique pastry shop, which attracts especially the real Velkolosinské pralinky, which are created directly in the center of the village in the workshop of Jana Kašparová.


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Handmade paper mill

Are you wondering how originally the paper was made? The Velké Losiny have boasted this handicraft for centuries, and you have the chance to look at this whole process. The paper mill is located just a few meters from our hotel.


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