Pizzeria Istria Sumperk

You will find us in the center of city Sumperk close to the town Theatre. We prepare Italian specialties made from the finest and carefully selected ingredients. Our chefs are masters in the field and their extensive experience with Italian gastronomy will be seen in their meals prepared for you. Come to taste one of the specialties of our cuisine in the cozy atmosphere of our restaurant.


  • Fresh pasta, which can not miss in the italian pizzeria, are like a real invitation to a gastronomic paradise. Everyone who once taste them, will never ever want any other pasta.
  • Pizza, there is nothing to say. It is baked on an open fire from Italian raw materials and its quality easily surpasses the competition.
  • The drink menu includes the best brands, such as Coca Cola, Bonaqua, Juice, beer Stella Artois, italian coffee Alberto and many other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Nunc vino pellite curas.......... Now banish worries by wine..........
    In our restaurant you will not have a problem to choose no matter whether you prefer classic home wines or foreign fine wines from Greece, Croatia or exclusive wines from Montenegro.


Dear guests, our restaurant is non-smoking facility following the Italian model. We strive to make your enjoyment of food and the environment of the hotel was the best and most enjoyable.

Dear smokers, thank you for staying with us, even though you can not smoke in the common areas and can not enjoy your cigarette inside. A smoke-free restaurant is a good way to enjoy our meals fully and healthily.


Of course there is a non-smoking environment.

Pizzeria Istria, Hlavní třída 11/7, 787 01 Šumperk

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