Health resort in Velké Losiny

The health resort in Velké Losiny is located outside the village, but it is located between two important sights: a hand-made paper mill and a castle. The access road leads to Komenský Street.

The health complex consists of three building blocks. The first is a multipurpose hall. Hides a hall with dimensions of forty times twenty meters, which can be used for sports and social activities. The play area has an area of ​​707 m² and can be played for example by volleyball, tennis, football, table tennis or badminton, and additional courts will be added in the future. A restaurant is also part of the building and an electronic panel with up-to-date weather information in the Jeseníky Mountains is located at the main entrance. Children will also find a children's corner equipped with a small climbing wall, a fun entertainment panel about the nature of the region and an interactive relief map of the Jeseníky Mountains.

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